WHMCS Nextcloud Provisioning Module


You can now sell your Nextcloud services using WHMCS completely automated. The account in Nextcloud will be automatically created (depending on the settings in WHMCS) once payment has been received. In addition, this module offers support for (automatic) suspension of the package, unsuspending of the package and terminating the package. It offers you the possibility to create a WHMCS package with a quota specified by you. This module uses the Nextcloud users API and therefore doesn’t require any installation in your Nextcloud server.


  • Automatically provision Nextcloud accounts through WHMCS: With this module you can set up cloud services and have them deployed automatically.
  • No changes to your Nextcloud server: This module uses the standard Nextcloud Users API and therefore does not require installations on the server running Nextcloud.
  • Set server per product: You can set the server and quota per product in WHMCS.
  • Easy to set up and install: Complete documentation with images, if necessary we can install the module for you.
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